Aurawhite Aurasonic


Aurasonic by Aurawhite is a battery-powered cleansing tool. Compact yet powerful, this device removes dead skin cells and lifts away 98.5 percent of dirt, oil and makeup residue, while enhancing the absorption of skincare products to refine, brighten and even your complexion.

– 98.5% remove dead skin cells
– Cleans the pores thoroughly
– Reduce wrinkles and fine lines
– Minimize skin pores
– Removing black / white spots (blackhead, whitehead)
– Anti-bacterial and hygenic substances
– The brush head is suitable for sensitive skin and acne cleansing
– This battery cleansing tool has a smaller brush on the tip to cleanse the nose or t-zone area more effectively

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  • Dalam banyak2 collagen drink yang saya cuba...Aurawhite collagen gold yang terbaik. Aurawhite Collagen ni bukan sahaja sedap tapi kesan cepat. Best of the best! Harga pun berpatutan!
  • Thank you aurawhite for being my BFF for the last 3 years. Keep glowing as you growing!
  • Belum 1 bulan saya pakai hasil dia dah nampak. Saya selalu consume air masak 3 liter everyday. If consume colagen sekali pasti hasil dia lebih meletup. In Shaa Allah nanti saya nak order auramen juga
  • Salam... Saja nak bagi tahu, sejak pakai AuraWhite Sparkle Diamond lingkaran gelap bawah mata dah tak ada. Badan pun makin cergas & aktif je. Memang the best la!

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