AuraMen Men Face Soap 2 In 1


  • Cleans thoroughly into the skin without peeling
  • Help brighten the skin
  • Treating acne
  • Reduce oily face problems
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Contains aloevera efficacy of treating facial skin sunburn
  • The effect as early as two weeks
  • Contains with high vitamins A, C, E
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The first step to a healthy complexion is a proper cleansing. Auramen Facial Soap suitable for all skin types. It is gentle with a nice scent and has a slightly cooling effect on the skin.Formulated with botanical based , vitamin A, C &E , aloevera, stemcell n etc. 100% natural beneficial for sensitive skin .Daily wet shaving & daily facial cleansing. It also developed throughly cleans skin without leaving it dry or tight .Special formulation 2 in 1 with deep clean & Scrub. Cleanse Renew Oil Control Brighter skin.


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  • Belum 1 bulan saya pakai hasil dia dah nampak. Saya selalu consume air masak 3 liter everyday. If consume colagen sekali pasti hasil dia lebih meletup. In Shaa Allah nanti saya nak order auramen juga
  • Salam... Saja nak bagi tahu, sejak pakai AuraWhite Sparkle Diamond lingkaran gelap bawah mata dah tak ada. Badan pun makin cergas & aktif je. Memang the best la!
  • I love AuraWhite. Dah masuk 3 botol, kulit makin halus. Alhamdulillah, badan makin susut. Maybe banyak minum air. TQ AuraWhite, tak menyesal keluar beratus...
  • Thank you aurawhite for being my BFF for the last 3 years. Keep glowing as you growing!

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