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Auramen Collagen

A collagen drink for men that helps to boost energy, strengthen nail, hair and joint, and overcome skin’s problems such as uneven tone, acne, dull and dry skin etc. Formulated specially with whey protein which helps in muscle firming naturally.

Auramen Face Soap

The first step to a healthy complexion is a proper cleansing. Auramen Facial Soap suitable for all skin types. It is gentle with a nice scent and has a slightly cooling effect on the skin.Formulated with botanical based , vitamin A, C &E , aloevera, stemcell n etc. 100% natural beneficial for sensitive skin .Daily wet shaving & daily facial cleansing. It also developed throughly cleans skin without leaving it dry or tight .Special formulation 2 in 1 with deep clean & Scrub. Cleanse Renew Oil Control Brighter skin.

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Real Feedback from Real Customer!...

  • Thank you aurawhite for being my BFF for the last 3 years. Keep glowing as you growing!
  • Sis, kulit I dah makin cerah. Cuma tinggal bekas jerawat je. Ini I pakai kamera biasa, tak ada efek apa-apa...
  • Dalam banyak2 collagen drink yang saya cuba...Aurawhite collagen gold yang terbaik. Aurawhite Collagen ni bukan sahaja sedap tapi kesan cepat. Best of the best! Harga pun berpatutan!
  • Testimoni dari akak saya sendiri, sebelum ni memang mengalami masalah jerawat + resdung dan kulit kusam. After consume almost 2 month Aurawhite alhamdulillah masalah jerawat dah bertambah ok.

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